Welcome to Integrated Data Systems of Ohio, network specialists supporting Novell Netware versions 3.x to 6.x, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP, workstation and server versions of Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000/2003, Red Hat and other brands of Linux, FreeBSD, SCO Unix, and IBM AIX.

IDS can help you harness the technology and information necessary to make your business grow. We provide complete information systems solutions, so that our clients can be free to concentrate on what they do best - managing their business. At IDS we pride ourselves on providing our customers with maximum "up" time for their systems. The range of services we offer covers everything an internal MIS department would typically do, but without the overhead of maintaining full-time staff. For clients that already have MIS staff, we work in conjunction with these individuals for special projects or in other situations where additional capacity is needed to get a job completed. No job is too small and if a job should be too large for us, we will help identify and coordinate multi-vendor services to best meet a client's needs.


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Planning and Design . . .
The key to a successful project can usually be found in thorough and knowledgeable planning. We can assist with all phases of planning and systems design from needs analysis and capacity planning to specifying solutions and managing installation and training. Let us help you plan and design your next LAN or systems project.

Purchasing and Sales . . .
While IDS can sell systems from major manufacturers, we frequently refer clients to other vendors such as Dell for the purchase of workstations and files servers because of the high value and extremely competitive pricing. However, we are happy to provide all other networking equipment, printers, other peripherals and software at a competitive price for any project. We always provide equipment from first-tier vendors who will stand by their products after the purchase. We also work with clients concerning cost-effective workstation upgrades when a new machine is not warranted or is cost-prohibitive.

Installation . . .
Our experience includes the installation of a wide range of hardware and software for LAN's both large and small. We provide installation support including LAN cabling, installation and configuration of both file servers and computer workstations, installation and/or upgrade of software, and installation of hardware upgrade components.

Configuration . . .
Once the hardware and software for a system solution has been purchased, the work is far from finished. Most hardware and software needs to be properly configured in order to operate efficiently and reliably. We can also work with any vertical market vendors to provide successful integration into other systems.

Systems Support . . .
Having problems with your PC's, servers, LAN, or other system components? We can help. Typically we are able to be on site at your location in 4 hours or less for critical situations. Many times we are able to help you get your systems back up and running over the phone. Where necessary we can loan equipment, including file servers, to get a client back to doing business while hardware problems are resolved. Let IDS be your helpdesk.

Database Development . . .
We can help our clients develop innovative business solutions using a wide range of database products. These solutions can be targeted for any purpose, market, research need, or business. We can help make sense out of client's data and put that data to work.

Our Fees . . .
All jobs are fee-for-service on an hourly basis unless otherwise negotiated in advance.

  • NO service contracts required -- fee-for-service billing only
  • Telephone support is usually free unless a call exceeds 15 minutes
  • We require a one hour minimum when on-site
  • All services are billed in hour increments after the first hour
  • Clients outside the Columbus metropolitan area will only be billed for one-way travel
  • Products purchased through IDS are always priced competitively